How to Prevent Snakes from Getting in your Toilet

The last present you’ll want is a snake in your toilet

Don’t let your Christmas joy get flushed away! Hosting a large gathering can be a stressful commitment at any time of the year, and this can be even worse  when it’s Christmas time. Keeping the house tidy and the kids well behaved seems like a never ending chore whilst the guests arrive.

Satisfying the guests with entertainment and your secret apple crumble recipe is often the most nerve-wracking, but perhaps your poor plumbing may become the take away from the party this Christmas. With an influx of visitors, your under-serviced home may struggle with its multiplied water usage. 

The toilet is largely responsible for chaos in the household, and as family and friends arrive, the toilet is pushed to the brink of its capacity. As well as saving you many litres per flush, installing low-flow fixtures can help keep any stress of the toilet overflowing at bay. But be careful, if you have an older home with an older model toilet, adding low-flow fixtures might make it worse. These older toilets already struggle flushing and reducing it more will make clogging the toilet your next biggest concern. 

How to prevent an unexpected snake visitor?

Once everyone settles in and the Christmas spirit takes over it flows well, but when an uninvited guest arrives, commotion can arise. Although an overflowed and clogged toilet is bad, it doesn’t get much worse than a snake-clogged toilet.

The plumbing system is connected to many pipeways of the house, and it only takes one exposed pipe to allow an easy path for a snake or frog to give a fright to the next toilet goer. But by implementing thorough, sealed pipe systems with the guidance of our team, those dreaded snake videos will remain merely an online laugh. 

How to prevent a clogged toilet in general? 

Clean those drain lines, replace those old pipes and make sure there’s enough water in the cistern. If a clogged toilet is your worst nightmare, look into getting some of these common issues checked out by our X Factor plumbers. Clogged drain lines will result in an inevitable clog and if paired with old pipes you’re in for a nasty shock.

Another, often forgotten part of the toilet system is its cistern water. If not enough water fills it up there won’t be enough pressure to clear the bowl which could result in a clogged toilet. Toilets are used very frequently and your toilet is often pushed to the test, so it’s best to get it checked to make sure there are no leaks or broken parts. 

With X Factor Plumbing at your side there’s no need to turn down hosting this year’s Christmas gathering.

Whether it be clogged toilets, exploded pipes or broken appliance connections such as the dishwasher, showers and taps, we can handle it. Preparing your home for the festive season will be easy as our 24/7 emergency plumbers have got you covered for whatever path the night takes. Or perhaps whatever path the snake takes…