Plumbing Insurance Toowoomba

Leak detection and building insurance

Damage to your property could be claimed under your building insurance. If you can locate the problem easily then it will save you money and potentially prevent the need for expensive pipe excavation. X Factor Plumbing & Earthmoving Pty Ltd has the latest CCTV drain camera and leak detection equipment.

We currently undertake many leak detection reports for property owners, large insurance builders and property management companies. The latest drainage camera equipment helps to find the leak and potential cause, to get it fixed fast.

Are you experiencing large water bills in your Toowoomba rental property? You may have an undetectable leak that is not visible to the eye.

Plumbing maintenance services

X Factor Plumbing & Earthmoving Pty Ltd offers a range of Landlord and real estate plumbing maintenance services. Common requests are:

Leak detection including water pipe

pressure testing equipment

CCTV drain and water camera services

Cracked pipe camera detector services

Dye testing

Drain Camera of stormwater and sewerage pipes

Leak investigations for large unexplainable water bills

Decktite leak repairs.