Leaking Toilets

Toowoomba Leaking Toilet Plumbers

A Toowoomba leaking toilet is not just a serious inconvenience but can also be a health risk. If you notice a problem with your toilet, you should contact a professional right away.

Not addressing a Toowoomba leaking toilet can lead to hundreds of litres of water wasted. Not only that, but it can also damage your floors and lead to the development of mould. Depending on the nature of the leak, it can also be dangerous for you.

At X Factor Plumbing & Earthmoving Pty Ltd we will ensure that your Toowoomba leaking toilet is fixed fast.

Common Causes of Toowoomba Leaking Toilets

Some of the potential causes of a Toowoomba leaking toilet include:

Pan collar

If you see water pooling around the bottom of your toilet, it can be a pan collar problem. Pan collars deteriorate over time and they should be replaced when they start to leak.

Loose feed line

The feed line supplies water into the tank. Just like any other plumbing line, it can become loose over time. While repairing this problem might seem easy, there are times when it is a mechanical problem. If that is the case, the line will just become loose once again if you don’t fix it.


Although toilets are made to last for a long time, there are instances in which they can develop cracks. If this is the case, repairing it may be impossible. You may need a Toowoomba plumber to replace the toilet, especially if the crack is large and found on the bowl.

Broken flapper

If the flusher stays down when you flush your toilet you probably have a broken flapper. Water will continue to fill the tank even when it is already full. As a result, you waste water and potentially damage your bathroom floor.

Broken inlet valve

Another part of the toilet that can deteriorate over time is the inlet valve. Not only that, mineral deposits can accumulate in it that can cause leaks.

Regardless of the cause of your Toowoomba leaking toilet, X Factor Plumbing & Earthmoving Pty Ltd can help.