5 Steps for Fixing, Upgrading and Maintaining Efficient Water Appliances

Water Efficiency = Budget Efficiency 

Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes a little more money in the wallet can go a long way… (we’ve all been there). Simply put, checking out your water usage and efficiency could give you just that little bit of breathing space. Look no further than X Factor Plumbing, a family owned business with 14 years experience who strive for old-fashioned values, honesty, professionalism, reliability and satisfaction.

There’s a limit to how much the sprinklers and garden hose can be on to achieve that ideal yard before it takes a toll on the environment. It doesn’t just cost the planet, but the budget too. With the cost of water prices slowly rising, the garden may begin to wilt. There are ways to keep the wallet full and the flowers blooming. How? Fixing, upgrading and maintaining efficient water appliances at home is the answer. 

Here’s five simple steps you can implement into your home to get it flowing: 

  • The dreaded leaky tap. It’s almost become a staple in many households, but this often overlooked issue may be costing you more than you think. Although it may seem like a pointless fix, it all adds up. Slowly accumulating with each drop, that small leak can result in up to half a bathtub of water per week.
  • With the water prices soaring, watering the garden becomes less and less important. This garden superhero doesn’t wear a cape or mask, but jeans and a t-shirt, often paired with a cap and sunnies. Fixing and installing waste water systems can redirect the flow of grey water into your gardens. By enabling the household to recycle waste water from the appliances through a purification process, the wastewater system can allow you to use what would have been lost water, into your garden. Investing in a new waste water system may be the solution to the low maintenance collection of succulents and flowers. 
  • Implementing water efficient appliances, such as shower heads, shower systems or toilets can all be resolved with a simple call. Making sure your shower heads are water efficient can help reduce the amount of water that pours out as you wait for the water to heat up. 
  • We often wait for the shower to warm up before jumping in, which can result in hundreds of litres of water per year with a family. By servicing your hot water system and perhaps installing a recirculating pump, the water can begin heating before the water outlets are even touched.
  • Check to make sure your water outlets are water efficient. But how do you know? Well if you’ve implemented the tips above you’re on the right track. The kitchen, basin, laundry and the shower should have a water rate of 7.5-9 litres per minute for the water outlets which is easily checked with our helpful plumbers.