Kenny – The Myth, The Man and The Magic of Plumbing

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Kenny – The Myth, The Man and The Magic of Plumbing

Actor Shane Jacobson put Australian plumbing on the map with the mocumentary, Kenny.  This look at the funny side of an often maligned trade because of the associated unpleasant smells, gave the general public a different appreciation for plumbers and their tasks.

Portable toilets for public events took on a whole life of their own with the audience initially unsure whether he was an actual plumber or whether the movie was taking the mickey.  The highlight of his onscreen plumbing career was attending the international Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville in the US.  Probably not something others aim for.

Plumbers themselves were able to appreciate the smiles this brought to the viewers, and the positive recognition of  little-known plumbing highlights.

If you need advice on portable toilets, X Factor will put a smile on your face.