Flexi Hoses Toowoomba

Over the past three years almost 10,000 claims have been lodged with RACQ alone for water damage to homes.

This damage is often caused by faulty Toowoomba flexi hoses.

Not everyone understands the damage that can be done by a simple hose but it can be substantial.

What is a Flexi Hose?

Toowoomba flexi hoses are flexible hoses that are surrounded by braided lengths of stainless steel. You will find these throughout your home in places such as:

  • Under your kitchen sink
  • Under your bathroom basin
  • Behind your toilet
  • Under your laundry tub

How Can Flexi Hoses Cause Damage?

Toowoomba flexi hoses have a limited working life so should be checked bi-annually. The risk of bursting and flooding your home increases dramatically around the 10 year mark. 

A burst Toowoomba flexi hose can cause an extreme amount of damage in only a matter of seconds. It can ruin cabinets, walls, floors and cause mould which in some extreme cases can make your home uninhabitable.

How Can You Prevent This From Happening?

We would suggest the installation of an isolation valve installed to any permanent fixture that is connected to the mains water supply. This ensures that should a Toowoomba flexi hose burst you are able to isolate it at the spot and still have water to the rest of the house rather then having to isolate water to the whole house.

Toowoomba flexi hoses are very unpredictable and like to burst at the most inconvenient of times. Sometimes these things can happen when you are not home so we always suggest that if you are going away for a holiday that you turn your water off at the main meter which is at the boundary of your property. This means that on your return from holidays you won’t be greeted with water all over your floors.

If you need an experienced professional plumber to inspect your Toowoomba flexi hoses, get in touch with X Factor Plumbing Pty Ltd today.