Blocked Drain Signs and Causes

There are 4 common warning signs and 4 common causes of a blocked drain that are often encountered by the team at X Factor Plumbing Pty Ltd.

4 Common Warning Signs

1. Toilet water levels

The water level in the toilet bowl may appear to be lower than usual or when you flush the toilet the water may rise and then slowly drain away

2. Slow draining water

You may experience slow draining water in your sink, bathtub or shower. Water can accumulate over the open drain or floor waste, the drain away slowly, rather than immediately, as would be the case when the drain was healthy and in perfect working order. Over time the blockage will worsen as any items that enter the pipe, such as food scraps and hail will be unable to pass the obstruction.

3. Foul smelling drains

As more waste build up on top of the blocked drain, it will break down and decompose then upstream water becomes stagnant. These factors result in foul smells around any blocked sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets.

4. Gurgling drains

Blocked drains may emit a gurling noise from the pipes when water drains away from the obstruction. Besides having an annoying noise in your pipes, this could be a sign of a larger blocked drain problem.

4 Common Causes

1. Hair Blockages

X Factor Plumbing have found hair to be one of the most common culprits for causing drain blockages. Hair binds with grease and soap to create difficult to remove clogs.

2. Soap blockages

People often wonder how soap can cause pipe blockages. However, some soaps are made with grease or fat and these combine with water to leave soap scum clogging shower and bath pipes

3. Food Scrap blockages

Another common blocked drain is a build up of food scraps in the kitchen sinks. Grease and oils solidify in pipes causing the pipes to block easily. Therefore, you should never pour grease or oil down the kitchen sink.

4. Tree Roots

Of more recent times we have come across tree roots that have invaded drains and done significant pipe damage. Small cracks or leaking underground pipes allow tree root intrusion into drains. Once inside the pipes, plant roots grow quickly, obstruct water flow and can cause serious pipe damage.

Clearing tree roots from pipes is often complex and may require high pressure jetter cleaning and sometimes even excavation. We would suggest to have the underground pipes inspected annually to prevent costly plumbing repairs in the future.

If you need some help with your blocked drains, get in touch with our team of professional Toowoomba plumbers at XFactor Plumbing Pty Ltd.