Autumn Plumbing Hints

The last present you’ll want is a snake in your toilet

Just because there are no Summer downpours and flooded drains, doesn’t mean we can relax and neglect the house maintenance in Autumn. Keeping on top of your plumbing maintenance all year round will save expensive repairs and inconvenience. 


How can you maintain your plumbing this Autumn?

  • Autumn leaves make a pretty photo op, but not such a pretty chore when they block up the gutters or the drains. By redirecting water to places that it was never meant to flow, significant damage to walls and floors can result in expensive reconstruction to fix mould and weakening structural issues. So clear your roof gutters, consider putting gutter guards on and call experienced plumbers to save you getting up and down the ladders. Your safety is the number one priority, and your trusted plumber has the equipment and experience to take that safety concern off your shoulders.
  • Blocked drains can come from being unaware of what you are putting down the sink, the kind of laundry products or pipes you are using or the backwash for the swimming pool. Check the drains outside on the footpath or road and clear any debris. It can be too late once the frosts come.
  • Gas heaters need to be checked after being stored away each year to detect any gas leakage or pipe damage if supplied through natural gas. You don’t want to be worried about fire hazards while you sleep.
  • Leaking taps can be a money guzzler on your water bill. Autumn is a good time to get any leaks attended to. Don’t overlook the hot water system – is yours over 10 years old? Time to replace it.

    With X Factor Plumbing at your side there’s no need to worry about your Autumn plumbing maintenance.

    Whether it be clogged toilets, exploded pipes or broken appliance connections such as the dishwasher, showers and taps, we can handle it. A call to the plumber to do an overall maintenance check BEFORE any issues eat into your budget is the best investment you can make in your Autumn lifestyle. Preparing your home for Autumn will be easy as our 24/7 emergency plumbers.