Summer storms can be deadly as we have seen season upon season – but you can help reduce the issues:- 

Clear your gutters regularly 

Cut overhanging trees to keep your roof clear – work with, not against, your neighbours to deal with fence line problems 

If these tasks are too physically demanding for the householder, then the plumber takes the weight off 

Call when any evidence of mould or rot appear – don’t wait until it all falls apart. Whether you are a renter or a home-owner, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 

Hot water is a comforting necessity – keep a regular eye on the system and keep it clear of rubbish 

Clogged toilets can be avoided – conserve toilet paper usage and never flush pads, tampons, disposable nappies or wet wipes down the toilet 

Keep the drain in your street clear of overgrown weeds or silt build-up – you know the local authorities will not be able to do this regularly in high population areas, so a very small effort will help stop overflowing drains and backup in times of high rainfalls 

Make sure the overflow from tanks is directed away from buildings and fences 

Summer should be backyard cricket, swimming and relaxing – keep your plumber’s phone number handy when anything spoiling your comfort appears. 

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